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Phone No:     03-5207-2970

Working Hours     11 AM - 3 AM

Over 75 varieties of beer from various places in Japan and around the world!

The 1/3rd Cafe & Bar is made by a beer-loving owner who came across various craft beers during his trip around the world. Being fascinated by the variety, he wanted to introduce the craft beers he discovered to people in Japan. From this strong passion, he made "The 1/3rd Cafe & Bar" which has more than 75 various craft beers at an affordable price. We serve America's No.1 selling craft beer "Blue Moon" on the tap, which is rare in Japan. Whiskey, Wine, Umeshu, and other drinks including soft drinks are also available in our cafe & bar. From beer beginners to beer lovers, we're sure you can find your own way to enjoy!

Free to bring in food・snacks.
BYO (Bring Your Own) style!

Food that matches with one's favorite beer differs for every person, so we incorporated the BYO (Bring Your Own) style to allow our customers to further enjoy their time in our cafe & bar. We do sell light snacks, but we welcome you to bring food of your choice. Ordering delivery or going out to buy food or snacks are available as well, so you can enjoy your time at your own pace.

The concept is "Good Old Japanese style Bar". Great as a second location for your date!

The space is designed to offer relaxation with the warm lighting and atmosphere.

A place where you can have comfort. Gather with your friends or even alone to have your me-time to enjoy. How about some selected various craft beer with a relaxing space to finish your day.

Whole space reservation or usage of rental splace is welcome too!

There aren't a lot of places where you have the freedom of arranging a party.

Having a fancy space with a great location, substantial drinks and catering service support to offer, we're being utilized for Birthday Party, New years celebration Party, Welcoming Party, Idol Event, and multiple other usages.

Address                       〒101-0021 Tokyo, Soto-Kanda 4−6−10


Phone Number              03-5207-2970

Business Hours             11 AM - 3 AM

Last Order:                   1:30 AM


Nearest station             2 minutes walk from Exit 1 Suehirocho Station on the                                      Ginza Subway
                                  JR Akihabara Electric street entrance 5 minutes on foot