How It Works


We run a self-service bar with very simple steps to enjoy the experience:

Step 1.

Browse our beer fridge and pick out the drink of your choice, a coloured sticker will indicate the pricing

Step 2.

Pay at the bar with our friendly bartender, don't hesitate to ask him for help with your beer selection

Step 3.

Take a seat and enjoy!

Our Pricing

To keep your payment as swift and enjoyable as possible we have kept our pricing system simple. On each bottled beer you will find a coloured sticker and each colour corresponds to a price as listed below.

¥ 700

¥ 1000

¥ 1200

¥ 1500

*Whiskey and Draught Beer are also available starting from ¥500

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Phone No:     03-5207-2970

Working Hours     11 AM - 3 AM

How To Enjoy The Food?
BYO Style = the freedom to bring in food

In the 1/3rd Cafe & Bar, you are available to bring in ( or go out and buy ) your favorite food.
We have partnerships with certain restaurants, so the choice of ordering a delivery is also available. Plates (paper plates), chopsticks, usage of the microwave etc. are free to use upon request.


Which do you prefer?


Nearest restaurants that offer takeouts

Mos Burger
Carl's Jr.




Mister Donut

Crazy Crepes

Set Meal Bento

Tempura Tendon Tenya








Omusubi no Gaba



Fukushimaya Tasting Market

Food Deliveries

Restaurants that offers delivery


Kanlaya Thai Cuisine

Joto Curry


1. Pick your choice from the menu

2. Ask the staff for an "order sheet"

3. Fill in the sheet and take it to the counter

4. Pay the delivery staff and receive your food delivery. 

5. Enjoy your food!

* Delivery menu is put on each table.
* Kindly do the payment directly to the delivery person.

Party Plans / Packages

Save ¥1,100!

"Drink and Compare" Pack

Price - ¥5,000
In the "Drink and Compare" Pack, our beer bucket containing 6 bottles of craft beer worth ¥6,000 will be available to you for only ¥5,000! An ideal package for groups of 2~4 people, or people who want to explore the different flavors of craft beer.

Yellow Label (¥700) x 1 bottle
Pink Label (¥1000) x 3 bottles
Orange Label (¥1200) x 2 bottles

100 minutes

"All-You-Can-Drink" Plan

Price - ¥2,980
Enjoy the variety of over 75 craft beers and other drinks as much as you want for 100 minutes (1h40min.)

Reservation Plan

Price - ¥45,000 (*)

A reservation would be for 3 hours or more. You have an option of using a catering service and beer server. More detail and reservation CLICK HERE.

*the budget includes the drink.

Address                       〒101-0021 Tokyo, Soto-Kanda 4−6−10


Phone Number              03-5207-2970

Business Hours             11 AM - 3 AM

Last Order:                   1:30 AM


Nearest station             2 minutes walk from Exit 1 Suehirocho Station on the                                      Ginza Subway
                                  JR Akihabara Electric street entrance 5 minutes on foot